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What's Changed?

In the recent years, we have evolved through major acquisitions, addition of newer revenue streams and further consolidation of our key business divisions. This evolution raised a clear need to restate our value proposition; the natural first step for which is the rebranding of our organisation

SPi Global is now Straive. What is Straive, you ask?

The name Straive (pronounced “strive”) signifies our ongoing endeavor to continuously enhance the value that our company brings to its customers, employees and to the communities around us. Straive recognises the untapped potential of unstructured data and content spread across like an ocean of tiny ‘dots’ of information. The new brand logo aptly symbolises the company’s capabilities in “Connecting the Dots”.

About Us

We are a trusted partner turbo-charging our clients’ business transformation by helping them unleash the power of data.

We have a knack of making sense out of unstructured data and content like no-one else and we do it by seamlessly combining human expertise with artificial intelligence and machine learning.


Our focus remains on being a market-leader in providing - e-learning solutions to online K-12 and higher-ed players, specialized solutions to top business information and financial platforms, and content services to research and education publishers. And we accomplish this with an unmatchable combination of technology platforms, subject matter expertise, social responsibility and an untiring pursuit of delivery excellence.

So, here we are, embracing bigger opportunities, bringing in more passion, a greater sense of teamwork and a rewarding culture.



As the world transforms, we are transforming too. Our brand identity reflects our youthfulness, the spirit of innovation and the dream of achieving clarity from chaos.

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